DIY Urban Gardens


I grew up surrounded by farms and subsequently spent a large amount of my childhood on farms with friends and neighbors. My dad, being a produce manager, made sure our family was no stranger to fruits and vegetables. Every spring I would help till and plant the large garden on our property. In the summer I would help my mom weed the many flower gardens in our yard. When fall came around I would help collect all the tomatoes to either cook them for dinner or prepare them for canning.

Five years ago my wife and I bought our first house and filled the small backyard with herbs and vegetables. As you can imagine, our first attempt was not successful. We walked away with only five delicious tomatoes and one tiny pepper. They next year I covered the garden beds with a custom mix of dirt and the results were astounding. The resulting wall of tomato plants was taller then me while the cucumbers where out of control. Our garden food not only tasted better than the imported store goods, but it also gave us a tremendous sense of accomplishment and independence.