Milwaukee Shines


Twice Ellie and I have opened our home to host a solar tour of homes through Milwaukee Shines. There is a growing interest in renewable energy in Milwaukee and this organization has made great strides in organizing communities to participate in group solar buys. Milwaukee Shines has a wealth of information to help guide the homeowner through the purchase of a new system.

As a result, 92 home and business owners have installed new solar electric and solar hot water systems totaling 322 kW of clean, renewable energy. – Milwaukee Shines, 2015

We were early adopters of the electric car, purchasing the first commercially available electric car in Wisconsin. Participating in the tour allowed us to answer many questions on the performance of solar panels and electric cars. We hope by sharing our experience we can help others make similar choices.

NPR Articles


Susan Bence, a reporter for NPR, has a knack for covering all issues related to being green. Several times she has reached out to us for interviews and comments to help round out her stories. It is important for us to share our experiences to hopefully inspire others. My wife and I value our community, the environment and how we choose to live in it. We’ve made deliberate choices that don’t always make financial sense, but they help preserve a healthier future for our daughter and for our planet.

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